BONUS: Star Wars – The Last Jedi

Briefly stepping away from books, Emily and Christina can’t help but discuss the latest Star Wars blockbuster, The Last Jedi. With a love story that feels like it’s straight out of YA, how could they not? [*Spoilers for Last Jedi and Grisha Trilogy]

Check out this episode!

2 thoughts on “BONUS: Star Wars – The Last Jedi

  1. Great episode. I have a LOT of thoughts. Emily, I love your enthusiasm, but I’m with Christina on the whole….the age of the skywalkers is over, kylo will not be redeemed. Long live Rey and the legacy of nobodies becoming somebodies. It’s democratizing the force. Also….Adam Friver is super hot. This is fact.


    1. lol, this is gold. “Emily, I love your enthusiasm, but…” is most people’s response to me, tbh

      (But, yah, I’m totally down for your approach. Just give Ben a tragic death scene in Rey’s arms and I’ll be sated for next 10-20 years)



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